About Us

Gratis is one of the oldest and best-known brands in the Czech market of marketing agencies.

The public has a very strong knowledge about our services, which is a presumption for the effective expansion of our service portfolio with positive synergy effects.

Our professional team will provide professional support not only for marketing presentations, but also for the purchase and rental of premium real estate abroad, including complex services for developers.

Our investment programs are a way of acquiring a residential income property not only for the creditworthy individual investors of our "Top income club" but also for the management clientele using the "Fractional ownership" program.

In the field of real estate investment management for private investors and business owners, it is our priority to optimally use the property at an acceptable rate of return on investment.

                                                                                              With respect

                                                                                              Ing. Rostislav Anděl

Garant reality will not only help you realization a safe and efficient investment, but also to fulfill your personal wishes.