In this category, we present some of the basic topics of our offer, which in our opinion are the most beneficial to you. We would like to help you effectively advance the pre-sales phase of your development projects.

Support for the pre-sales phase of the project

Abroad, it is quite common that the construction or reconstruction is only started in the 50-70% pre-sale phase. We are ready to help you present your development project already in the pre-construction phase.

Market news

We are looking for analysis of renowned foreign real estate consultants and administrators. You will find the information in the "market news" section. Reports are available to investors to decide on a particular investment.

Simulation of future revenue

We strive to work not only with forecasts of potential future earnings provided by the developer but also with the revenue potential of or airbnb online booking agencies.

Mediation of the lessor

We are ready to assist you in finding a branded lessor, a high-quality branded operator is even more expensive, but its brand is a major generator of future customer demand.

Our vision

The most suitable for you as a developer is an efficient and secure investment with the optimal setup of all project implementation processes and we'd like to help you with that.