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Using cookies:

Cookies are required for the corect functioning of the website. These are created by a web server that places these small data files on your device that you use to browse the website. Cookies help you, for example, to find out which pages most frequently visit the site users, etc. We can therefore try to customize the content of your site as much as possible to your needs.

Cookies are small data files that store websites on your computer or mobile device when you view these pages. For example, pages can remember your preferences and actions you've done (such as language, font size, etc.), so you do not have to re-enter this information again.

If you return to the same site at a later time, the browser sends the saved cookie back and the server gets all the information you have previously stored. With cookies, browsing is more convenient and faster.

Cookies use the vast majority of websites. Blocking a cookie may cause some website services to fail to function properly. You can edit cookies using your browser. For specific settings regarding storing cookies in your browser, visit the browser provider's website. This website uses Google Analytics also provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics, like other commonly used technologies, uses cookies (see the information above). To learn how Google treats these data, please click here. Please also pay attention to the information here.

If a user is not interested in using cookies, they can deactivate their use in their web browser settings.