Apartments in the Nasslegg - Schröcken
Nasslegg - Schröcken/ Arlberg, Austria
Project price
353.190-2,424.000 € without 20% VAT
1 - 5 room
1 - 4 bathroom
39 - 197 sqm2
Project benefits
  • Exceptional location
  • High altitude
  • Many sunny days
  • Rental and own use
Nasslegg - Schröcken
Nasslegg - Schröcken
More information
  • Prague 570 km
  • Brno 742 km
  • Innsbrück 135 km
  • Salzburg 316 km
Places nearby
  • Schröcken 1,8 km
  • Hochtannbergpass 2,1 km
  • Lech 14 km
Project information

Exclusively furnished apartments in various sizes, sustainable and naturally built, fantastic views of the surrounding majestic mountains. Be inspired by this very special alpine lifestyle, the charm of the beautiful panorama, the healthy air and the great variety.

It's a winter fairy tale in white! Home is where the heart beats faster. Just enjoy life.

We are located at an altitude of 1495 meters, on a sunny slope in the southeast of the alpine village of Nesslegg, which is not far from the exclusive ski resorts Schröcken, Lech, Zürs and Warth.

In your new apartment in Arlberg, life is simply a little more enjoyable than anywhere else, for 365 days a year. Perhaps it is a magnificent view of the majestic Widderstein Mountain? Or relax and comfort? Or the variety of environments that offer everything from golf to skiing? Find the right answer for yourself.

The sunny Nesslegg plateau is located right on the Hochtannbergpass, and the apartments are built directly in this Arlberg ski resort.

Although built in an alpine location, the apartments are connected to the surrounding locations by a well-maintained road all year round.

Find your second home.

Looking for a luxury apartment? Or an interesting revenue object? Or a combination of both - a rentable second home for your vacation?

With us in Arlberg you have all the possibilities. Because now your dream of the sun will come true with a view of breathtaking peaks: with individually furnished apartments, with a unique view, with an exclusive interior and sizes between 39 to 197 m2.

And all with three special variants of interior furnishing that give your personal signature to this new property chapter.

There is a high location, we are at an altitude of 1,495 meters - there are demanding requirements that you may require from materials and workmanship: durable, healthy, sustainable, beautiful - these are the attributes that make your new address a long-term decision . Make sure our sample apartments are waiting for you.

For investors

The apartments are intended for sale to private ownership, however, the owner of the property is in most cases obliged to rent the property commercially. The owner can use the apartment for a maximum of 6-8 weeks a year and rent it for the rest of the year. However, it gains attractive rental income. For property owners a comprehensive service is provided with property management and rental, without worries for property owners.

Therefore, prices are exclusive of VAT, as VAT is deductible for holiday rental status.

Overview of three types of real estate use.

Investment and apartment for own use, but primarily the return on investment

The apartment is run by our experienced roundabout manager. He will take the hiring and care of your property for you. You will receive a corresponding return on the use of your property. In addition, you can use your apartment for up to six weeks a year on your own vacation. When using the apartment the owner is on the level of paying the tenant.

Dedication of the apartment for long-term lease

The apartments are rented to guests through our experienced facility manager during the first 20 years (Buy & Let Serviced Apartments). Rental and care of your property is carried out directly by our operator. Your apartment generates an appropriate return and an interesting return on investment for you. In addition, you can use your apartment for up to eight weeks a year (4 weeks in summer and 4 weeks in winter) of your choice for your own vacation. Starting in year 21, your property will be automatically redirected to "Second Home".

Second home without obligation to rent

Thanks to this option, which is very rare in the Alpine region, your apartment is exclusively for personal use. You can use your property from the start without restriction as a holiday home or residence all year round.

The condition of further rental of the property does not restrict you in the further handling of personal property - ie. you may sell the property at any time during the term of your next commercial lease.
Real estate (apartment, family house, guesthouse, hotel) can be bought directly by a natural or legal person from the EU in most regions of Austria without having to create a legal person in Austria.

Standard non-recurring fees and taxes paid by the buyer:
Property transfer tax: 3.5% (on the purchase price of the property)
Registration in the Land Register: 1.1%
Notary fees: 1.2% (+ VAT)
Other costs (verification of signatures, etc.): approx. 300 EUR


Enjoy beautiful views of the Hochtannbergpass
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